How to build

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In this video I explore stock guitar tones in Logic Pro with a few custom presets I have created. Leave a comment which is your favorite!

0:00 Intro Groove
0:07 Dirty Birdie Preset
0:46 How do get good guitar tones with STOCK AMPS?
1:23 Let's hop in
1:47 Couldn't find great presets
2:09 Here's a preset I built
2:29 Turn Logic's Amp Reverb OFF!
2:38 A little bit of eq
2:45 Multiband Compressor
2:56 Another Compressor
3:10 Add Echo
3:30 Room Reverb
3:58 It wasn't until I built presets until I was happy
4:14 I have a preset pack coming!
4:38 Let's give them a listen!
4:50 Hollowbody Delays
5:54 SG Dirty Delays
6:27 Sparkle Strat
7:10 Dreamy Tele
8:00 Closing
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