How To Charge The Porsche Taycan: Deep Dive

In this video, we'll cover everything you need to know about charging the Porsche Taycan. It's a comprehensive review that also explains basic EV charging so even the novice can understand.

We know it's a long video, and that's because we went for thoroughness over brevity since most Taycan owners are experiencing electric car charging for the first time and don't have any experience charging an EV.

We realize we should have talked a little more about level 2 charging times.
Using the Mobile Charger or Mobile Charger Connect:
About 10 hours to fully charge the Taycan from zero with the 93.4 kWh battery
About 8.5 hours to fully charge the Taycan from zero with the 79.2 kWh battery
If you have a higher-powered (11 kW) Level 2 charger like the ChargePoint Home Flex and Enel-X Juicebox that we demonstrated in the video, your charging time should be roughly 1 hour less than if you used Porsche's Mobile Chargers.

ChargePoint Home Flex Review:
Enel-X JuiceBox 48 Review:

We know not everyone needs to listen to some of the more elementary aspects of EV charging, so we're including the various timestamps below, so those that would prefer skipping some of the EV charging basics have that option.

@1:25 Level 1 Charging (120-volt)
@2:26 Level 2 Charging (240-volt)
@3:55 Circuit splitters - share an existing circuit to charge your Taycan
@4:40 DC Fast Charging (400-800v)
@6:15 Why battery temperature matters when DC Fast charging
@7:50 Use the Navigation system to precondition the battery
@8:58 5% to 80% charged in 22.5 minutes IF battery temp is ideal
@10:30 Why you shouldn't charge to 100% on a DC Fast charger
@11:00 Be aware of which EV charging networks in your area
@11:40 2021 Porsche Taycan has Plug&Charge capability
@12:33 Don't buy the "Onboard 150 kW 400-volt DC Fast charger" option!
@15:00 The Cost of public charging
@16:20 ChargePoint’s pricing is different than most other networks
@16:45 The 3 types of DC fast charging connectors
@18:50 Taycan is the only EV with two charge ports
@19:25 Charging your Taycan at home
@19:40 Porsche's Standard Mobile Charger
@20:36 The optional Porsche Mobile Charger Connect
@22:14 Adapters for the Mobile Charger & Mobile Charger Connect
@25:50 The charging speed of the Taycan on level 2 charging
@26:07 3rd party charging equipment for the Taycan to consider
@27:25 Mobile Charger Connect features
@28:24 Optional Porsche Mobile Charger Connect Dock
@30:11 How to Locate the NEMA 14-50 outlet in the proper position
@31:28 Installing the Mobile Charger connect
@34:52 An overview of the Taycan's charge port
@36:37 Disabling delayed charging schedule when using public chargers
@37:48 Taycan charging on a Tesla wall connector or destination charger
@43:35 Why you can't charge a Taycan on a Tesla Supercharger

Share an existing circuit to charge your Taycan with a circuit splitter:

NeoCharge Smart circuit splitter video:
SplitVolt splitter switch video:

TeslaTap Tesla to J1772 Adapters:

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TeslaTap 80 Tesla to J1772 :​
TeslaTap MINI 60 Tesla to J1772 :

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