How to draw a continuous line flute /recorder - gift idea

My name is Todor Bianca Flavia. I am a musician and a late-bloomer visual artist.
I dedicate all my time and efforts to making musicians smile.

Today I am painting a blockflote , a german flute, or how it's sometimes called a recorder. In Italian, they call it flauto dolce. It is a musical instrument that is widely used in music classes.
Starting with January 2021, under my '' Musician's Sharp Friend'' LOGO, I will design musician specific objects, paintings, merch, and illustrations. For those of you that can't afford to buy them, I will teach you how to do it by uploading #howto videos of my work, on my ,,Bianca's course'' YouTube Channel.
​All this work, as you can imagine is time and finance-consuming, so I will appreciate any help that anyone can give.
Please join me in my journey and enjoy my creations, as they are all made with tons of love!
​Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
You can find me on:

If you are a musician and looking for musician merch, you can expect new ideas every week in my Etsy shop! If there is something that you would like created and do not find it, do not hesitate to leave me a message on any platform you like!

If you feel generous and would like to support my work and journey, do not hesitate to visit my Patreon page!

Thank you!
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