How to Find the Fuzz Pedal You Need

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In this week's episode, Josh and Nick break down the four different types of fuzz pedals, and it pretty much boils down to the number of transistors. Josh also tries (again) to convince us that germanium fuzz does not sound better than silicon. Spoiler: he's right.
JHS Fresh Clips:

0:00 Intro
0:26 Understanding Fuzz Pedals
1:07 2 Transistor Fuzz
5:02 Bias Controls
9:14 3 Transistor Fuzz
14:53 4 Transistor Fuzz
19:57 Octave Fuzz
24:09 Fuzz Goes First...Usually
25:56 Record Time
26:51 Thanks For Watching!

Gear in this Episode:
Vox 816 Distortion Booster
1966 Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face
JHS Pedals Legends of Fuzz Smiley
Analog.Man Sun Face
JHS Pedals 3 Series Fuzz
Maestro Fuzz-Tone
Sola Sound Tone Bender
Marshall Supa Fuzz
Zonk Machine
Fulltone Soul-Bender
JHS Pedals Legends of Fuzz Bender
Electro-Harmonix Triangle Big Muff
Electro-Harmonix Rams Head Big Muff
Ibanez Overdrive
EarthQuaker Devices Cloven Hoof
JHS Pedals Legends of Fuzz Crimson
Blue Octavia
Univox Super-Fuzz
Foxx Tone Machine
Danelectro 3699 Fuzz
JHS Pedals Legends of Fuzz Supreme
Seuf Guitars Blackguard Tele
JHS "Loud Is More Good Amp"

Record Time:
Billy Martin and Wil Blades - Shimmy

Josh’s record player is by U-Turn Audio:

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Mini Fuzz Faces Episode:

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