How to Float & Set Window Wall Sand and Cement then Plaster Skimming full Tutorial

A full video on sand and cement rendering window wall then plastering with finish skim coat plaster in depth full details and advice tips and methods given and shown thorough out the video breaking down every step from preparation depth of render why i start where i start explaining multiple methods the ones that work best for me talking about setting rules and beads. Showing you how i coat the sand and cement on the wall using the mortar board how i get the wall super straight working the straight edge showing you how to get the wall straight and flat with out holes and hollows or bumps, explaining how to get the render straight before floating up and finishing ready for the skimcoat talking about a box edge and feather edge the differences in them. showing you how to finish the render on the window wall ready to be skimmed with gypsum finishing plaster how many days / hours i leave it before I skim coat it. Showing you how to check your angles and corners re right cleans and straight. the clean up after floating the wall out what's important such as cleaning up floor window and sockets or doorframes and showing you the fine details to get a more pro job done and pushing you past the simple diy. then a tour of the job all the walls and ceilings then we move on to the skimming the finish coat the final product of all the hard work and preparation set down beforehand. Again what's important giving you timings how to tell when to trowel the wall showing you trowels i use and why I use those plastering trowels such as the refina super flex 3 advise on when to clean the tools and why thats very important how to keep the wall flat and corners and angle tidy and clean, This is a very jammed packet video demonstrational plastering tutorial that will for sure bring you way past the diy plastering stage and help you learn to plaster faster and better I have no doubt as always macscribe for more as if you liked this video you will like the newer ones to come, below are videos you'll love also and help you further your plastering abilities #howtoplaster #render #skimming

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brick effect render
Dec 2019

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