How To Make A Wordpress Website | For Beginners

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Learn how to make a WordPress website from scratch without having to learn how to code. I will show you how to get your own domain name and Webhosting, install WordPress, get the free Blocksy Theme and the free Elementor Page Builder, and build an awesome website! After watching this tutorial you could even become a web designer for a living!

We will talk about creating blog post and a blog archive page so you can attract more visitors to your website by the organic search results of Google and other search engines.

We will create a portfolio so you can show what you have made already for other clients.

We will learn how to work with the Elementor page builder and create a page from scratch and besides that, we will import pre-made sections and pages from Elementor and from the community so you can save a lot of time in creating a website.

Example website:
Get Templates:

00:12 Overview
07:51 The 4 Steps
08:14 Get Webhosting
12:06 Choose A Domain Name
16:39 Install WordPress

19:03 The Frontend Of WordPress
20:53 The Backend Of WordPress
22:32 Make Your Website Secure
22:52 Clean Up Your WordPress Website
23:59 Give Your WordPress Website A Good Title
27:47 WordPress Permalinks
28:10 Configure Your User Account

WordPress Themes
30:19 Themes
31:10 Get The Blocksy Theme
32:53 Bloscky Starter Sites
33:24 What Does A WordPress Theme Do?

33:58 Get The Free Version Of Elementor
34:40 Install Elementor

Configure The Blocksy Theme
41:53 Import a Pre Made Page
44:03 Add A Logo46:08 Change The Width Of The Website
46:08 Configure The Header
49:30 Blocksy Color Palletes
51:53 Configure The Menu
55:09 Create a Sticky Header
56:17 Make The Header Transparent

01:07:26 Basic Elementor Preferences
01:09:00 Introduction To Elementor
01:13:01 Create a Hero In Elementor
01:14:07 Elementor Global Colors
01:38:38 The Shape Divider
01:39:27 Create a Second Section
01:47:04 Optimise Your Website For All Devices

Elementor Pre Made Templates
01:55:18 Import Pre Made Blocks Using Elementor
01:58:09 Import Pre Made Pages
02:08:02 Import And Adjust The About Page
02:16:32 Import And Adjust An Elementor Template

02:20:38 Import A Contact Form Plugin
02:23:47 Adjust The Global Colors
02:27:01 Add Extra Elementor Elements For Free
02:30:03 Create Blogposts and A Blog Archive
02:31:36 Create A Portfolio

The Footer
02:32:57 The Footer Area
02:34:05 Configure The Socket
02:35:43 Take a Look At Example Websites
02:37:44 WordPress Widget Areas
02:39:36 Create A Legal Menu
02:48:06 Footer Widget Plugins
02:50:31 What Have We Covered?


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