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Today is all about snacks! Tree stand snacks, hunting snacks, hiking snacks, camping snacks, whatever you want to call them, we'll show you how we make commercial quality shelf stable snacks that you can take with you wherever we go. We used venison today so this is very similar to a video that would describe how to make deer jerky, but this has a little twist with a different texture and a different bite.

If you want to try to make this at home but you don't have the meat, call your local butcher and ask for beef trim, leaner is better (like 90/10) if they'll let you be specific. You don't need to buy any particular cut of beef, just use beef trim and you'll be very happy with the results. Remember, if you want to use our seasoning, we recommend 1 oz of seasoning per 2 lb of meat (a 6oz shaker for 12lb of meat).

For this video today, we used one year old venison trim that we had in the freezer. You can easily replicate the same process at home with any meat you'd desire to use. We recommend beef or venison as the best meat for beef jerky, but for this type of meat snacks, any meat will do. You can add pork fat as a binder and flavor enhancer, but they won't last as long and it adds more calories. These are the best snacks for hiking, there's really nothing better as far as freshness, protein content, and they'll fill you up more than anything fake. Of course, for the same reason, they are good camping snacks or just snacks for home too. MEAT! your maker sponsored this video today so we want to thank them for their support and let you know that if you buy something from any of the links in this description, we may get a small percentage of the sale at no cost to you. Now go and make jerky at home!

We made 2 kinds of bites today (Use used one 6oz shaker per 12lb of meat)
1) Original with Bearded Butcher Original (https://bit.ly/33eV4P9) and Bearded Butcher BBQ sauce (https://bit.ly/3q1DBUq)
2) Hot Bites with Bearded Butcher Hot seasoning (https://bit.ly/3nQYnnE)

We used MEAT! equipment for everything today:
1) 50lb Meat Lug https://bit.ly/3upU5ap
2) Small Dry Goods Digital Scale https://bit.ly/3vPXtLZ (to weigh seasonings)
3) 1.5hp Grinder https://bit.ly/3AWwiRY (Trust us, you want the bigger grinder)
4) Handheld Jerky Gun https://bit.ly/3DPGH3M
5) Vacuum Sealer https://bit.ly/3aMkEyr

1) Curing salt https://amzn.to/3FXvy2B (or you can use Celery Juice Powder https://amzn.to/30rjXsn for a more natural type product)
2) Bearded Butcher Original Seasoning https://bit.ly/33eV4P9 and Bearded Butcher BBQ sauce https://bit.ly/3q1DBUq
3) Bearded Butcher Hot seasoning https://bit.ly/3nQYnnE
4) Hickory smoke powder https://amzn.to/3vp32SX
5) Oxygen Scavengers https://amzn.to/3lTvfhC


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