You can find answers for questions about "how to make homemade pcb at home, how to make printed circuit board at home, do it yourself PCB board, how to make 4 bit adc dac converter circuit" and more. The circuit has been designed based on 74147 encoder and LM358 OP-AMPs with various resistors, LEDs, connectors and jumper wires.

00:00 4 BIT ADC & DAC Converter Circuit (Homemade DIY PCB Project)
00:05 Intro of V0 Schematic & PCB Designs for you
00:11 Making Homemade PCB for 4 BIT Analog To Digital & Digital to Analog Converter
00:16 Adjustments between printed circuit paper and whole copper board using ruler
01:21 How to cut printed circuit paper using paper scissors
02:05 How to cut copper board for homemade PCB
02:43 How to make PCB board using iron method
03:03 Adjusting iron in order to make homemade PCB
03:10 Using paper tape to fasten printed paper and copper board for PCB
03:41 Using iron to heat ink of printed circuit board paper
04:00 Adding water to melting pot in order to seperate copper and heated paper
04:41 How to seperate copper board from printed circuit paper
05:20 Cleaning small scraps of paper on PCB
05:30 How to melt copper with circuit traces using perhidrol and hydrochloric acid
05:36 Adding hydrochloric acid to melting pot in order to melt outside of copper traces
05:45 Putting the homemade PCB to melting pot
06:00 Adding perhidrol (hydrogen peroxide) to melting pot to melt outside of copper traces
06:10 Shaking the melting pot in order to accelerate the reaction
06:30 Checking the homemade PCB and its traces with eyes
06:51 How to drill pads of the homemade printed circuit board for electronic components
08:15 How to place electronic components on electronic card
08:22 Placing resistors to homemade printed circuit board
09:00 Placing jumper wires to PCB board
09:19 Soldering the placed electronic components to work easily
09:54 Placing the integrated circuits like LM358 OP AMP
10:04 Soldering the LM358 operational amplifier
10:28 Placing and soldering the 74HC147 encoder integrated circuit
10:40 How to solder electronic components for home made PCB (remaining components)
10:58 4 bit adc dac circuit is ready to fly.
11:30 Photos and videos of experimental results obtained in electronic circuit laboratory.
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