How To Make Lithium-ion Battery Charger | 18650 Laptop Battery Charger

How To Make Lithium-ion Battery Charger | 18650 Laptop Battery Charger !!!
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In this Video I am Gonna show you "How To Make Li-Ion Battery Charger at home", This video is all about how to charge the li-ion batteries that we took out from laptop battery. This homemade 18650 Lithium battery charger is very powerful and fast . This Homemade Lithium 18650 Battery charger can charge two 18650 batteries within hour . I have used 5V 2A charger for making this homemade 18650 lithium battery charger.
The Build quality of this homemade Lithium-ion battery charger is very good , this homemade charger looks very similar to the charger purchased from market. This video will definitely help you in many ways and this charger is very useful so you should definitely make this charger if you are "Electronic Geek".

The Thing You Will Need :

1. PVC pipe 30mm

2. Li-ion Charging Module
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3. LED Bulb ( Red & Black )

4. USB Type A 2.0 Jack Male

5. 18650 Battery Holder/ Case

6. Black & Red Wires

7. White Plastic Sheet 3mm

PVC Pipe

Li-ion charging module

LED Red and Black

RGB led

Battery 1500mah

5v Adapter

Power bank module

Products I Used :
Camera -​!PEAfuuuN​

Glue Gun-​​



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