How To Make Powerful Amplifier Circuit Using TV Output Transistor

In This Video, We Are Going To Show You Making A Simple And Powerful Amplifier Circuit Using MD1803DFX TV Output Transistor. If Your Television Is Damaged And Want To Make A Amplifier Circuit At Home, They You Can Follow This Method And Can Make Homemade Amplifier Circuit At Home Easily Without Any Extra Cost.

To Make This Amplifier Circuit, You Might Need Some Electronics Component. Those Component List Have To Been Given Below.

Component List :
1. Transistor – MD1803DFX
2SC 2233
2. Capacitor – 100uf/50v
3. Resistor – 100 K Ohm
4. Volume – B 100K
5. Audio Input Cable
6. Power Source – DC 12v
7. Sound Speaker
8. Heat Sink
9. Connection Wire

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