How to make small repairs to anvils and other forging surfaces.

This video demonstration will cover how to repair damage to forging face. I will be show you how to get read of chips from the edges of anvils and other forging equipment.

I made a repair to the top die on my power hammer but the principles and techniques demonstrated in this video are basically the same for repairing anvils.

Hope this was helpful and entertaining!

Its about 5 weeks since filming and its still working fine!

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Sealey WEHF1025 Hardfacing Welding Electrode 1kg Box

The Sealey rod is a HV600 like I had and can achieve a HRC of 60. This depends on the size of the electrode, amps used and number of layers.

GYS 46 Hardfacing electrodes 1kg box

Data Sheet for GYS 46 Hardfacing Electrodes
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