How to paint Board Game Minis: Angelic Theme

The board games of today come with a lot of figures, and here's a way to get those painted more quickly... but still look great!

This is part of a Twitch session where I painted a few of the Stormsunder board game minis. They have enough detail to allow for some interesting techniques, especially with oil paints!

I also do more comprehensive video tutorial series on painting units as part of my Patreon Army Painter pledge level. These are 5 episodes long, and begin with basing the unit. From there, I take you through the entire painting process, figure by figure! I have 5 different series on Lord of the Rings miniatures, including Dol Amroth, Rohan, Harad, Morghul Knights, Army of the Dead, and my Easterlings

I am now finished with my 22nd series, which is why you gain access to nearly 600 hours of tutorial videos when you become a patron at that level... you can check it out here:

This is my Twitch channel as well:
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