How to Play a BB King Style Guitar Solo | Easy Guitar Lesson with TAB

If you want to play blues, you’ve got to play some BB King! Here’s how to play a BB King style solo that’s easy. The YouTube guitar lesson focuses on simple notes but played with timing that’s typical for BB King – off the beats. I also do a demo of a more modern approach to the same chord progression. Mark Z Guitar Members get a full lesson on that plus TAB plus more lessons on the approach to playing rhythm for the song. (Without just “bashing out” chords.) Check out the link for Membership below.

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0:00 Introduction
0:38 Demo
1:44 Lesson Intro
2:41 Slow-mo Demo
3:41 Note on Timing
3:53 Note for Note Lesson – Line 1
4:50 Line 2
5:44 Line 3
6:14 Line 4
6:56 Line 5 and 6
9:07 Final Thoughts

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