How to power your house with portable generator - Winter Prep - Generac

In this video, we show how you can take a Generic Portable Generator and power your whole house using a interlock kit on your breaker box. By utilizing a Interlock kit, you can disconnect the power from your utility company and then flip a breaker to use the generator. Once the generator is selected, you can then pick and choose what rooms, appliances, etc to use. It's a very functional system. This set up should allow you to use your generator to power various rooms and appliances in your house. You can literally pick and choose what to power in your house. If you have a smaller house, this set-up would probably power the entire house. If you have a larger house, you may have to pick and choose what rooms or appliances to use. The best part of this set-up is the versatility to make your own decisions on what to power or not to power.
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