How to reduce hum MojoTone Fender Deluxe Reverb Kit guitar amp proper Grounding build technique

Hum in kit amps? Always comes back to grounding techniques. This time, a MojoTone Fender Deluxe Reverb. The owner did a great job constructing this machine. However, grounding became an issue. The amp had such a high noise floor, that it was un-useable. So, he sent it to me for evaluation. Initially, I was also taken back by the high noise/Hum level. However, employing the proven Fender grounding system, the amp now plays beautifully. So, everyone, Fender was in business for a long time. They were not after money (initially) They were after the quest of creating the ultimate tube amp! Many years of research went into the design of their product. The ground plane (Brass plate) was one of their masterpieces! I am a firm believer in this method. Listen for yourself. Every Fender amp that comes thru D-lab lacking this technology will have it when it leaves. Enjoy the show!
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