How to RUIN? a Unique Custom Guitar.. The FINAL - Ben Crowe GGBO Invitational 2021

This is it! The FINAL episode, we promise. Ben has a problem with deadlines, but can we blame him when this is the result. What do you think of this guitar, comment below.

As part of GGBO21 invitational we are auctioning the guitar off and an option in the auction is for the winner to ask Ben to completely refinish the guitar in glossy 2k lacquer with a burst of the winners choice.. unless they live the textured result of course!

Auction - Link coming soon

Welcome to Crimson Guitars and Ben's home workshop where he is finally getting started on his Great Guitar Build Off 2021 Kit Build; and what a build this is going to be... #greatguitarbuildoff2021 #greatguitarbuildoff

Rajani Amps -

0:00 Introduction & problems to overcome
02:13 Masking off the guitar
02:40 Rattle Can burst finish
06:05 Wet sanding & Polishing
12:59 Scream Therapy - changing the finish!
17:33 Texture and Silver
24:01 Scraping the Binding...again...
25:21 More texture with...superglue???
27:51 Time for Electronics
29:52 Installing the controls and pickups
32:03 It's ALIVE
32:52 Installing the Tuners
34:32 Stringing the Guitar
39:18 Intonation, string stretch and tuning
41:33 Let's plug her in and have a play
55:41 Conclusion

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