How to Sound Like Deftones - Guitar Tone

In this video I take a stab at getting a Deftones-style guitar tone. How did I do?

In particular I'm looking at the guitar tone from Hexagram from the Self-Titled 2003 album

0:00 - Welcome
0:42 - Guitar Used
1:35 - Hexagram Playthrough
2:48 - Guitar Amp Tone in my DAW
3:38 - Overdriven Tone
6:00 - Clean Tone
7:16 - Clean/Overdrive Blend
8:20 - All Guitar Tones with Full Mix
9:40 - Thanks for Watching!

Guitar: Ibanez MMM1 Baritone
Tuning: G#-C#-F#-B-G#-C#
Amp Sim: STL Tonality Lasse Lammert

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