How to use a classic car's starting handle - ft the 1952 Ford Anglia

A starting handle has a number of uses, not just for starting a classic car's engine when the battery is almost flat. In this video, the 1952 Ford Anglia is used to demonstrate a couple of these uses, and then its 933cc four-cylinder engine steps in to demonstrate how to use a classic car's starting handle, taking care not to break my thumb or flatten myself once it fires up.
Starting handles got me out of trouble on numerous occasions when I ran classic cars as a daily driver, especially in winter when batteries tend to reveal their weaknesses. Please let me know in the comments if this throwback video to pre-1970s motoring was of interest. I wonder which British-built car was the last to be equipped with a starting handle - Land Rover perhaps?
Anyway thanks for watching this "how to?" video, please take a look at some of the other classic car videos now on this channel - including more on this very original Ford Anglia E494A, driving old cars etc etc
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