How to use Data Attribute Recommendation to automatically classify material master data w SAP AI BUS

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Session Summary:

Effectively use Data Attribute Recommendation Python SDK to create, classify, and predict missing values for your master or transactional data. Learn to use Python SDK in master data management scenarios with low-touch coding.

Session Format:

Hands-on Workshop

Our Speaker(s):

Michael Haas - Michael has been part of the Data Attribute Recommendation team for two years as a Senior Developer and QA responsible. Recently, he created the Python SDK for Data Attribute Recommendation.

Learn more:

This session is part of a series of 6 hands-on workshops and 10 guided demos designed to highlight how the SAP Business Technology Platform helps enhance the ROI from SAP applications by adding additional process automation capabilities. Each session addresses one specific automation use cases in Finance, Procurement, or Human Resources.

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