HUGE INTERIOR TRANSFORMATION! Plumbing, Water Heater, Filters, UV, Pump -DIY Expedition Vehicle 28

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On this episode, we dive straight back into the build!

We install our 240v LG Fridge and test our Truma Saphir Underbunk Air Conditioner unit for the first time!

Chris completes the entire plumbing & fresh water system including :
- Cutting the hot & cold John Guest hoses & installing all the fittings
- Plumbing our Isotemp Hot Water Heater (including thermostatic mixing valve)
- Linking our fresh water Atlas tanks and installing the breathers
- Installing our Topargee water gauge & 12v Jabsco pump
- Setting up our double filter holder & UV light filter
- Creating manifolds for the non return valves and
- Setting up our water tank fill-up point & town water fill-up point connection with pressure relief valves

While Chris is busy with the technical aspects of the camper (wiring & plumbing!), Ange focuses on the interior decor - she cuts more composite walls and plans the layout for the Senso self-adhesive vinyl flooring planks (bought from Bunnings). Our biggest interior transformation to date!

Stay tuned as from now on, the camper is going to look less and less like a construction site and more and more like an expedition vehicle home!

❄ Truma Saphir Comfort RC Air Conditioner :

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