Huge Mistakes Everyone Makes When Cooking Mac And Cheese

Is there anything more comforting than a big bowl of warm, creamy macaroni and cheese? The homemade kind, of course. Sure, boxed mac and cheese may bring back childhood memories, but the boost in quality that comes with making it from scratch is difficult to even measure.

While your basic mac and cheese is made up of only three ingredients — pasta, cheese, and milk — it takes some skill and effort to ensure that your dish comes out perfect. Get something wrong, and you could end up with something mushy, soupy, rubbery, grainy or bland. Or some combination of all those things. Avoid those pasta pitfalls by remembering these huge mistakes everyone makes when cooking mac and cheese.

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Using boxed mac | 0:15
The wrong cheese | 1:09
Not enough cheese | 2:09
Ignoring the "mac" | 2:51
Making mush | 3:30
Béchamel trouble | 4:14
Using the wrong milk | 5:10
Making soup | 5:43
Skimping on seasoning | 6:21
Improper crunch ratio | 6:56
Not letting it breathe | 7:40
Taking it too seriously | 8:16
Thinking inside the bowl | 8:54

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