I Bought A JUNK 240sx & VIPER Swapped It

The Nissan 240sx is one of the most sought-after cars to come out of Japan in the 90’s. While the Nissan 240sx is not as highly regarded as models like the Supra, Rx7, or NSX. To drifters, the Nissan 240sx is the cream of the crop! The aftermarket parts support for this chassis is huge because of this.

The factory KA24 motor may be the least supported power plant for the Nissan 240sx though. Motor swaps play a huge roll in this chassis popularity. 2jz, Sr20, RB26, K20, LSx are all popular choices. For that reason, we wanted to use something different. And I can't say that I have seen a Dodge Viper V10 motor in the 240sx S14 chassis.

Owning the nation's leading sports car auto salvage yard, Lee C Parts. Gives us the opportunity to buy almost anything we would need. One motor with huge power capacity, but also not regularly swapped is the Dodge Viper V10. Luckily, we already have a couple Dodge Viper V10s at the shop. Could there really be enough space to fit a Dodge Viper V10? Now, it’s time to see if it actually fits!

Seen another unique motor swap into a Nissan 240sx? We would love to see it! Especially if it's a bigger motor than a Dodge Viper V10! Be sure to tag us or send us a link.

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