IK Multimedia ToneX / Carr Mercury V Tone Model by amalgam audio / BB King - The Thrill is Gone

BB King's The Thrill is Gone played by @MartinFrydas on the new IK Multimedia ToneX pedal featuring a Carr Mercury Tone Model by amalgam audio.
This is one of the most flexible and musical amps we've encountered so far - it can do beautiful cleans and edge of breakup up to searing over the top leads in the series (cascaded gain stage) mode and handles everything in between with lots of grace and tone. Also a fantastic blues amp as is on display here.

Martin did a great job demoing what a good Tone Model is capable on this amazing platform. Check out his Instagram channel and youtube channel for tons of great demos here: https://www.instagram.com/martinfrydas/

Get free Tone Models of this amp here and follow amalgamaudio for lots of other free Tone Models of iconic vintage and boutique gear: https://www.tone.net/tonex/users/amalgamaudio

Get full Tone Model set of the Carr Mercury V here:
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