Il Cremonese Ex3me Powered By Dual Mono MC901 Amp [Audiophile Record 4k UHD At Il Tempio Del Suono]

From Sonus Faber Web Page: https://www.sonusfaber.com/en/products/il-cremonese-ex3me/
More than 5 years since its debut, Il Cremonese remains one of the most popular loudspeaker
systems in the Sonus faber portfolio. Initially introduced with the intention of completing the Homage collection,
due to its superb capability, this speaker immediately placed itself among the ranks of
Sonus faber’s Reference collection catalogue, the line that perfectly exemplifies
the brand’s excellence. This particular predilection turned the Il Cremonese
into the perfect platform for one of the most important activities
of the electro-acoustic design: experimentation. This is the birth
of a unique loudspeaker system, embellished by the return of an historical
Sonus faber finish: the classic “Red Violin”.

Special Thx to Il Tempio Del Suono and My Friend Sound Sommelier, please visit and follow also his Amazing Youtube Channel For more Video:

Per Info/For Info:
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IL TEMPIO DEL SUONO International Hifi Store in Lissone (MB), Milan, italy

This Sound Test is Pure Direct out from my Recorder Zoom H4n pro NoEQ!
Speaker - Sonus Faber Il Cremonese Ex3me
Super Audio CD/CD Player - Esoteric K-07Xs
PreAmplifier - McIntosh C53 2-Channel Solid State Preamplifier
Power Amplifier - McIntosh MC901 Dual Mono Amplifier

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