Installing High Amp Battery Busbars, Cleaning Jeep Wiring

We are installing a high-amp busbar to tidy up our Jeep's aftermarket accessories. Prior to this, all the connections were made directly to the battery posts. With so many wires on it, the nut almost couldn't be threaded onto the battery. As well as posing a fire hazard, it makes maintenance much more difficult for the aftermarket systems in our Jeep.

Wiring Accessories To Busbar

The Jeep has a lot of accessories, they shouldn't all run directly to the battery. We move them to the bus bar of our Jeep. The busbar we chose won't run everything at once, but it can run systems as needed. As well, we wouldn't run the stereo at max while running the winch. It would be like going into your house and max loading all the circuits, you're going to flip the main breakers.

(Red & Black) 3/8" 4 Stud Power Distribution Block - BUSBAR - with Cover - Made in The USA: https://amzn.to/3nolR6x

Do your calculations based on normal conditions, since not all accessories, such as the two audio amps use the maximum Amps. Likewise, we placed the wire that runs from the battery to the winch on the same post to account for high draws. By doing so, we will eliminate current flowing through the busbar for our winch.

Aftermarket Accessories Max Amp Requirements:
Rough Country Winch: 350 Amps Max
Off Road Lights: 60 Amps Max
Audio Amps: 160 Amps Max
Electric Radiator Fan: 26 Amps Max
Jeep Air AC: 30 Amps Max
Total Accessory Draw: 626 Amps

The Busbar We Used

The busbars we used are nice quality, made in the USA products, the fuse, not so much. It can handle up to 250 amps of power at 48 VDC before it starts glowing. Busbars have a certain thickness, determining the amp rating. You should never exceed the Amps. Like a fuse, over-capacity produces heat resulting from resistance to electrical flow.

Due to the bare 3/8 studs on the bus, it was easy to tighten the wires for a good connection. Nickel plated brass contacts provide excellent conductivity and are great for protecting against non-optimal environments. Jeeps are a perfect example of non-optimal environments.

Amp Fuse At Battery

In this video, we showed the fuses for the audio amps installed. Though I am not the biggest fan of this fuse, it does what is needed and protects us from a high-amp wire causing a fire. It also fit behind that battery with all the relays we have in this Jeep. We will go into the fuse and the relays more in future videos

Fuse Holder, 2 Pack 0/2/4 Gauge with 250Amp ANL Fuse: https://amzn.to/3A3im9i

00:00 Installing High Amp Battery Busbars, Cleaning Jeep Wiring
02:06 Unboxing Busbar And High Amp Fuse
03:04 Why We Need A Busbar
03:32 Installing Busbar in Jeep
07:38 The Jeep Accessories We Ran To The Busbar
09:04 Our Final Thought On The Busbar And My Communications Bloopers

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