Instrumental cover of 'Wicked Game' (Chris Isaak/James Calvin Wilsey, 1989)

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Here's my instrumental cover of 'Wicked Game', another one of my all time favourite songs which is so satisfying to play... working that whammy bare on the Jazzmaster with lots of spring reverb and a touch of tape delay! Chris Isaak's voice is sublime but for me it's the very distinctive and melodic guitar line that makes this song! RIP James Calvin Wisley (1957-2018)

Recorded/Filmed at La Tablada Studios, Tenerife, Canary Islands, August 2021. Fender 60s Modified Jazzmaster Vintera Series, Line 6 PodGo amp modeler/fxs, Tascam Model 24 interface/mixer, Logic Pro X, Nikon D5200 with stock lens.

Backing track: Logic drum sounds, real snare & hi hat, electric bass and acoustic guitar

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