IR vs Speaker Cabinet

May not be the most scientific test but was something I just wanted to do for myself to test the viability of recording using IR's. The signal chain is somewhat strange but looks like this:
Guitar Rat Delay Reverb looper then HX Stomp 'Princess' Model (with preamp and poweramp)...

Then either into a Henriksen Jazz Amp class D amplifier into a 1x10 eminence speaker into sm57, or in the case of the IR's i just recorded using 2 different IR's at the end of the chain after the Princess model.

Would be interested to hear your opinion!

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00:00 Class D Amp and Speaker Rhythm
00:32 Class D Amp and Speaker Lead
01:25 Darker IR Rhythm
01:58 Darker IR Lead
02:48 Brighter IR Rhythm
03:21 Brighter IR Lead
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