Iron Maiden - Hallowed Be Thy Name | Guitar Cover with Solo

Iron Maiden - Hallowed Be Thy Name - Album: The Number of the Beast - guitar cover with solo by Jassy J , backingtrack without guitars =) HALLOWEEN SPECIAL 2/4
Did you already check out the new Iron Maiden album "Senjutsu"?
Something REALLY iconic this time! Already featured "The Trooper" and other classic Iron Maiden riffs in my Metal Top 15 Riff Lists! Many of you suggested "Hallowed Be Thy Name" year by year and it finally got real because of Ferry's Patreon Guitar Cover Wish! So I HAD to believe in myself to practice these two crazy guitar solos haha!
I used a guitarless backingtrack which means that EVERY guitar you hear is played by me. Nothing got covered up by the original track. Big Plus! Minus: Some parts of the track just sound weird, I had to do a lot of mixing/mastering haha!

Let me know in the comments below how you enjoyed this one! =) I learnt it within a day xD
Also: If you have any questions about how to record outdoor covers feel free to ask me. This time however I pre-recorded the track so that I have the best outcome of cinematography and audio possible! Many of my other outdoor videos are live!

TUNING: E Standard

#0 - Intro - 0:00
#1 - Song - 1:02
#2 - Guitar Solo - 4:41
#3 - Rest of the Song - 5:29
#4 - Endcard - 7:12

GENRE: Heavy Metal

THANK YOU TO my dear friend BIRDYNARY for shooting the video!

NOTE: I used a backingtrack with boosted bass and triple tracked both of the guitars. I play all the guitar parts.

Stay tuned and rock on!
Jassy // JJ's One Girl Band

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