Is Buying Direct Better Than Dealers?

Subject Index
00:00 Intro
02:28 Noise in Mt15 FX loop?
03:49 What Reverb pedal would I recommend for your first one?
08:19 Getting rid of 19 guitars?
12:00 Thoughts on Engl Ironball?
14:12 Midi guitar and Axe FX
17:27 Are there Magic amps?
19:20 Buying Direct Vs Buying From A Dealer
I apologize I got Kowal Guitar Life's question backwards.
33:30 The H&K amp behind me was used to record this song
39:40 Is my Gibson Sg neck heavy?
40:27 Why not use plug ins? I can not use headphones
45:20 What guitar lick makes my hair stand up? Its I'm all right by Neil Zaza
47:25 Do I prefer braided wire or 4 conductor wire hum-buckers?
58:30 The Gibson QC standards are uniquely their own
1:05:26 Fender Showmaster guitars?
1:08:20 Advise for a lifetime guitar?
1:11:07 Gibson Tribute Vs loaded Epiphone?
1:14:49 Why I can't do gear predictions for 2022?
1:26:25 Mark Tremonti was the real deal
1:30:58 The KYG limited run products (There is no Copper Strat) lol
1:36:49 This show is a bunch of addicts with no supervision
1:40:00 The inspection sheets and why I made them
Free PDFs
1:46:14 It feels like everyone does Marshall better than Marshall in the low volume amps
1:55:50 Shout out to Guitar Center In Ohio
1:57:29 Lets Give a Cool Guitar Crate away even if you are international
2:02:40 Please support the people who support us!

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