Is Ham Radio Prep Worth It? I bought Ham Radio Prep and give and HONEST REVIEW.

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To long, didn't watch (TLDW) - ham radio prep may work for some, but not for others. I was expecting fully animated videos and I got a hybrid between animated and someone taking in front of the camera

ham radio prep delivered a fair product which will help you get licensed and everything is centrally located for easy access.

personally, this is not the course I was expecting, but I can see it being useful for some to achieve getting their license by memorizing the answers and understanding the concepts slightly, but maybe not the theory completely.

There are a LOT of good comments, both for or against HRP: check out the comments and make an overall opinion for yourself.


00:00 - 00:25 - Intro
00:25 - 00:33 - Fair Use Disclaimer
00:33 -00:55 - Getting Started on Ham Radio Prep / What it is
00:55 - 1:56 - Advertised Animated Cartoons/Videos
1:58 - 2:55 - What's inside of Ham Radio Prep / Courses and navigation
2:55 - 3:52 - Trustpilot Reviews
3:52 - 4:14 - All the information is available other places, BUT
4:14 - 4:32 - HRP puts it all in one place
4:33 - 5:21 - Starting the course / Course Layout
5:21 - 6:12 - Are the videos really animated?
6:12 - 7:16 - Is Ham Radio Concepts - Ham Radio Prep?
7:16 - 9:28 - Walking through more of the layout of Ham Radio Prep
9:28 - 13:08 - Discussion of Ham Radio Prep - Pros and cons. Do you NEED HRP?

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Site I reviewed and sites shown in my video:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGQeSR10XOE - K0LWC
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEvEB6ggfJE Ham Radio Concepts
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