Is higher inflation the end of low interest rates? | Property Insiders

With the latest inflation figures showing an uplift to 2.1%, which is within the RBA’s 2-3% window for inflation, over the last few days the media has been rife with speculation that the Reserve Bank will hike up interest rates sooner than expected.

If the money markets are correct that would send borrowing rates higher at a time when small businesses around Australia are trying to recover from the pandemic lockdowns, particularly in our two most populous states.

So is a rate rise on the cards and what would this do to our property markets at a time when soaring property prices are stretching affordability limits.

These are some of the questions I’ll be asking Dr. Andrew Wilson, Australia’s leading housing market economist in this week’s Property Insiders chat.

02:22 — Inflation rises across the world and Australia is joining the chaos
11:13 — Surge in tax averts Delta recession
12:52 — This week’s auction results – another weekend of strong auction results

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