Is my vintage equipment trying to send me a message?

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My vintage instruments are behaving oddly. Maybe that's because we made it past 100,000 subs in the last week of 2020! Thanks to all that pressed the little subscribe button and support the channel! Someone noted that videos about the equipment shown would be a good way to explore the channel, so here is a list of related links:
0:05 HP 9825T Calculator
0:22 HP 2645A Terminal
0:31 HP 1607A Logic Analyzer
0:44 Soyuz TM Space Clock power up
1:00 FACIT 1131J Nixie Calculator
1:10 CURTA mechanical calculator (no video yet from me, but here is a good one from Techmoan: )
1:27 HP 85A computer and HP 7225B plotter
1:50 HP 5223L Nixie Frequency Counter (no video yet on this one)
2:08 HP 8566 Spectrum Analyzer
2:32 Teletype Model 15 demo
3:31 R2-D2
3:42 HP 8568 Spectrum Analyzer
3:58 IBM 029 Keypunch demo
4:10 Xerox Alto Part 1
4:12 Teletype Model 19 Part 1
4:14 Apollo Guidance Computer Part 1
4:26 Apollo IRIG II Gyroscope
4:29 Inside the Soyuz TM Space Clock
4:35 Antoine's Fossil CPUs
4:40 Bob Rosenbloom Vintage Computer Collection
4:43 FORTRAN on the IBM 1401
4:47 DEC PDP-1
4:58 HP Switching Power Supply Repair Part 1
5:08 TI LED Watch Chip
5:22 HP Microfiche donation
5:27 Playing with Core Memory

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