JAS-39, Stunning DJI FPV Shots with SMOKE!! ✈️ HD 60fps

WoooohooooO! First air-to-air formation flights with the Gripen and Tuckie's DJI FPV quad on the chase... and to make it even more epic we added smoke, which combined with the JAS-39 mind-boggling high alpha characteristics and thrust vectoring nozzle upgrade made for some really awe-inspiring shots!

Besides, I used a really cool Davinci Resolve Studio feature (Speed Warp) to be able to make the footage ultra-smooth in slow-motion (although it took me about 40h of computer render time...) and hell does it look good! :D

Again, I am using an upgraded 8S 80mm Jetfan EDF with a 1865kv HET motor. I had to cover the cheater hole with a mosquito net to protect my expensive investment from an otherwise inevitable FOD considering the conditions of my gravel-dirt runway so the jet isn't even displaying it's full thrust potential. This obviously has an effect on performance and current draw. Sadly this setup is too amp hungry and can only get two and a half to three minute flights with throttle management and 3Ah packs. The batteries also struggle to deliver the amps, despite being Panther packs that are pretty heavy/capable. Overall the Jetfan is indeed an improvement in performance over stock setup, but the short resulting flight time kinda defeats the purpose, need to go to higher capacity batteries, and using lower-C packs to keep the weight in check.

These were flights 61st to 65th on 'Jana'.

JAS-39 Pilot: Airguardian
DJI FPV pilot: Ernest Tuckie
Ground video: Luis Ibáñez
Airfield: Club Els Cards
Music: Therion

Check out Tuckie's YT channels here!

SPECS (Reflecting my setup):

Model Scale: 1/9th
Wingspan: 882mm
Length: 1613mm
Weight: 2350g (w/o batteries)
TOW: 3400g
CG: 25-30mm aft of factory recommended position (molded into wings)
Material: EPO
Motor: HET-1865kv inrunner motor
EDF: 9-blade 80mm Jetfan
ESC: Freewing/Hobbywing Flyfun 150A 8S
Servos: All stock servos, 9g hybrid digital
Landing Gear: Electronic retractable w/ aluminum trailing link struts
Receiver: FrSky S8R gyro-stabilized receiver
Canards gyro: GWS PG-03 (added as a mod)
Separate UBEC: Freewing 8A (added as a mod)
Receiver battery: Rhino 2S 610mAh (added as a mod)
Main battery pack:
- Turnigy Panther 2x 4S 3000mAh 75C
- Turnigy Nanotech 2x 4S 3300mAh 70C

More setup details:

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