Joyo Bantamp xL Tweedy II 20W Guitar Amp Head

TWEEDY features dual channel, American classic vintage tone, the DISTORTION has a little bit of FUZZ, while the CLEAN sound has rich lows. It recreates the classic Rock and Blues of the 20th century, you can boost or attenuate the mids according to your guitar playing.

My thanks to JOYO for this unit!



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0:00 Intro
0:17 Unboxing (Jackman II)
1:59 Song
4:42 Demo
11:34 Review
15:05 Conclusion

Connection in video:
Guitar - Input (Tweedy) - Effects Send - Cab Box - Input - Out.

With just the Bantamp..you can also connect the headphones out which has speaker emulation

Bruce approves this Amplifier!!

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Recorded with the
Fender Japan 50's traditional Strat
UAD Apollo Twin Duo
Digital Performer 9.5
with Line 6 Helix Native
Original melody composition by © Jonathan Koh

Backing track from: Anderton's Guitar Jam Tracks
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