Killer Lead Tone with MXR Timmy and Milkman The Amp: Guitar Solo on a Classic Folk Song

Watch the full video on my YouTube channel, if you like. In this video, I perform a new guitar version of the traditional Scandinavian folk song 'Hvem kan segla forutan vind?' also known as 'Vem kan segla förutan vind?' in Swedish, 'Kuka joutuu' in Finnish, and 'Who Can Sail Without the Wind?' in English.

Explore the rich history of Scandinavian folk music with this contemporary guitar interpretation. This instrumental rendition highlights the enduring appeal of traditional folk music and the versatility of the guitar.

Whether you're a fan of folk music or just enjoy instrumental guitar music, I hope you'll enjoy this new take on this classic song.

Peace and Love,
Gisle (Spotify)

Guitar gear used in this video:
PRS special semi hollow
MXR Timmy
Milkman The Amp

Delay: Soundtoys Echoboy
Reverb: Exponential Audio R4

The Studio:
Universal Audio Apollo X8
Mac Studio
Genelec 8351
Great River MP-500NV
Cranborne Audio Camden
Wes Audio Mimas
Wes Audio Prometheus
Wes Audio Dione
Wes Audio Titan
Black Lion Audio Seventeen
Avid Dock
Avid S1
Mics from: Neumann, Röde, Microtech Gefell
Bass traps from Hofa-Akustik
Absorbers from eq acoustics
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