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Издатель uh... electrical installation certificate that is. Yes, it's about time I cooked up a cert for all those flimmin' AFDDs I installed at the end of last year, so let's take off all our clothes and do that together while taking a peek at other certification options, my reasons for sticking with Easycert, what boils my cabbages about Easycert and what the dippet's at IET are proposing to balls-up in Amendment 2 next year. Oh, and there's a whole bit on maximum demand too: am I really sitting pretty on a 60A service head?

All this (and more you won't want) will be revealed here.

At 28:32, the schedule shown has N/A on the first line for RCD test button operation. That should be a tick of course and is down to a mis-click when producing the form. Always proofread folks!

When I fill out the Schedule of Test Results for DB2, a comment line shows a "Zs at DB" reading. This figure isn't the real Zs for that DB and was used as an example, however the filmed segment mentioning this was later cut leaving this looking like an erroneous reading that doesn't match the calculation used for the final circuit hanging off it. Later, on the exported cert, it can be seen that this example line has been removed. All the consumer units relating to this paperwork are located together at the source of the installation, DB2 and DB3 being sub-boards off DB1 but located adjacent to it, therefore they all have about the same external impedance and prospective fault current.

The water bonding CSA on my Schedule of Test Results is listed as 16mm, it should be 10mm to match what's given on page two. My thanks to Chappers for spotting that one.

My thanks to Fat Sam and his pony podcast channel:

Mark Allison’s NAPIT Desktop run-through:

Easycert Mobile:
NAPIT Desktop:

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