Las Mañanas IFCA con Álvaro Chavarría | DAMIC & Selena

"High-resolution pixelated charge sensors for Dark Matter and Neutrino Physics"

ℹ️ "I will present recent progress in the development of low noise pixelated charge sensors and their applications in dark matter searches and neutrino physics. First, I will introduce the DAMIC program, which employs large area, thick charge-coupled devices (CCDs) to search for the interactions of low-mass dark matter particles in the galactic halo with silicon atoms in the CCD target. I will review recent results from the DAMIC at SNOLAB experiment, and the progress toward DAMIC-M: a large array of skipper CCDs to acquire kg-year exposures with an unprecedentedly low ionization threshold. Then, I will discuss R&D progress toward the Selena experiment, which aims to exploit the exquisite particle imaging capabilities of CMOS sensors coupled to thick amorphous Se-82 target layers for zero-background spectroscopy of
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