Let's head to the skies! { Bioshock Infinite } [cc] | VTuber | ENVTuber

I'm going to take you to an adventure above water! Let's rocket to the skies in a unique world people dismissed about their awkward culture!

WRECKING STREAMERS IS =NOT= ALLOWED!! THIS IS AGAINST T.O.S.! YOU CAN AND WILL GET REPORTED!! (stream-sniping, clapping, farm-clouting, cyber-bullying, impersonating, etc ALL ILLEGAL!!!)

This stream is using Closed Captioning. Simply hover your mouse over the video and turn it on.

Tip some money and see & hear an emote! Help me get a brand new graphics card for better gameplay!!!
$5 Get a dog ( and me ) to bark!
$10 I say my favorite phrase!
$20 Screaming goat!
$50 Make Rick Dance / U Got Dat? (I hate this one!!!!
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