Let's Repair and Restore a 1970s MUFF FUZZ Pedal...and then BUILD One in a TIN CAN!

This is two videos for the price of one. First, we'll repair and restore a c.1977 Electro-Harmonix Muff Fuzz 1458 dual op amp based guitar effects pedal. This one is missing its back panel, so we'll have to make one for it. Then we'll trace the circuit and, using an identical Texas Instruments MC1458P chip from my parts stash, clone another Muff Fuzz...but this one will be better than the old one because it'll have a 9V DC power jack and a footswitch. Oh, and we'll build it inside of a Del Monte steel vegetable can and demo it with my Zio Meteora guitar and a 1959 Guild 66-J Modified amp.

NOTES: the germanium diodes in the original version were replaced in the clone with silicon type. The final traced schematic is show near the end of the video if you're looking to build this pedal using this 1458 op amp. There are schematics for transistor versions available online, and another version which uses a 4558 dual op amp.

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