LEVinar: Islamophobia in Schools

Although it has been 20 years since the tragic events of September 11, Islamophobia is still a challenge in Washington state schools.

In this webinar, we have assembled a statewide panel of students, educators, and community leaders to describe the impacts of Islamophobia and share strategies and resources to address Islamophobia when it arises. Our panelists are Maham Khan, a student at West Valley High School in Yakima; Dana Ahmed, a student at the University of Washington; Aneelah Afzali, Executive Director of the American Muslim Empowerment Network at the Muslim Association of Puget Sound; Naghmana Sherazi, with the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Gonzaga University and candidate for Spokane City Council; Sabiha Khan, a history teacher at Kamiakin High School in Kennewick and community advocate in the Tri-Cities; and Zahra Khan-Roach, Executive Director of the Benton Franklin Children’s Developmental Center and member of the Pasco City Council.

Closed captioning is available in English and Spanish.

Aneelah Afzali speaker request form: https://tinyurl.com/AMENSpeaker
Contact info for Sabiha Khan: sabiha.munian (at) gmail.com


• FAQs about Islam/Muslims for those interested: https://ing.org/top-100-frequently-asked-questions-about-muslims-and-their-faith/
• Facts Over Fear campaign, https://factsoverfear.org/
• ISPU Educators’ Toolkit, https://www.ispu.org/educators/
• How we can counteract Islamophobia in our schools – and our communities, https://www.afsc.org/blogs/news-and-commentary/how-we-can-counteract-islamophobia-our-schools-%E2%80%93-and-our-communities
• Creating Cultural Competences curriculum, https://www.creatingculturalcompetencies.org/curriculum.html
• Shifting the Narrative Resources: https://www.creatingculturalcompetencies.org/uploads/1/1/2/6/112618631/appendix_6.1.pdf
• Religious-Based Bullying: Insights on Research and Evidence-Based Best Practices, https://www.ispu.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/ISPU-AMHP-Religious-Based-Bullying.pdf?x46312
• Countering and Dismantling Islamophobia: A Guide for Individuals and Organizations, https://www.ispu.org/countering-and-dismantling-islamophobia-full-report/
• Bullying and Bias: Addressing Islamophobia in Schools, http://www.islamophobia.org/research/bullying-and-bias-in-schools.html
• Your dinner guest makes an Islamophobic comment. How do you respond?, https://www.afsc.org/blogs/news-and-commentary/your-dinner-guest-makes-islamophobic-comment-how-do-you-respond
• Youth presentations, if more youth want to speak up and get engaged: https://ing.org/youth-presentations/
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