LITTLE GIANTS! 3 Compact Valve Amp Monsters: EVH 5150, PRS MT-15 & Marshall DSL

In today's video, we explore the incredible tones to be had for a more modest budget. These three compact high-gainers offer up a fantastic breadth of tones, punching well above not only their petite size, but their price bracket, too.

These three 15-watters each deliver on the promise of a premium 'high gain' feel and tone in three totally unique ways, while allowing the player to carry their monstrous tone with them wherever they go, be it the home studio, live stages & more! While the prices may be small, the quality and functionality is anything but.

For more information about each of these three amps, or any of the other products featured, click the link to our website below and explore our full range of stock!

Thanks as always for watching, take care and we'll see you next time!

Jump to the clips!
0:25 - Introduction
1:45 - Today's Rig (Guitar & FX Details)
2:59 - Tone Comparison (Dirty)
3:50 - Marshall DSL15H Overview
6:53 - Marshall Dirty Tone
8:49 - Marshall Clean(ish) Tone
9:42 - Marshall Clean & SD-1
10:23 - EVH 5150III LBX Overview
14:30 - EVH Dirty Tone
17:23 - EVH Clean(ish) Tone
18:48 - EVH Clean & SD-1
19:41 - PRS MT-15 Overview
22:26 - PRS Dirty Tone
25:36 - PRS Clean Tone
26:36 - PRS Clean & SD-1
27:39 - Final Thoughts & Ranking!
30:21 - Lastly, pricing...
32:16 - Conclusion

Check the amps out here:
Marshall DSL15H Dual Super Lead 15W Head -
EVH 5150 III 15W LBXII Guitar Amp Head -
PRS MT-15 - Mark Tremonti 15W Signature amplifier -


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