LIVE@LibertyHall - 11 & 12 yr old brothers live concert on cottage verandah & blow-up the guitar amp

We blew up our guitar amp at our first live show, so fun!!! Apologies for the dirty crackling guitar due to the amp blowout. We played a live 8 song set for approximately 100 fans and had to crank the amp up to "11". Thanks to everyone for coming, we had a great time and can't wait for our next show!

Zalpha 2022 Summer Tour Setlist
0:00 Hello Operator
2:12 Ball and Biscuit
4:54 Superstition
8:10 Santeria
11:18 Wasting Time (Zalpha Original)
13:50 Three Little Birds
16:38 What I Got
20:00 Seven Nation Army (Encore Performance)
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