Make a simple Christmas Crib (6/6) -How to draw & whittle MARY&JESUS -super simple! Swiss Army Knife

This is the last video of a 6 part -series on how to whittle a simple Christmas Crib/ Nativity scene. Today i show how to craft MARY and JESUS. The figurines are simplified that much, that everyone can do it with basic carving knowlege. We only use material you can find in the nature! So the material doesn't cost anything .. everything you need in a Swiss Army Knife.
Upload Dates:
November 19th : Explaining of the concept, barn and landscape
November 23th: How to draw and whittle an Ox / Cow
November 26th: How to draw and whittle an donkey
November 30th: How to draw and whittle a sheep
December 3th: How to draw and whittle Joseph
December 7th: How to draw ans whittle Mary and Jesus

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