Making a 1 WATT TUBE AMP - Part 1: Schematic, Parts & Chassis // Building a guitar amp from scratch!

How to build a 1 watt guitar tube amp. Part 1 explains the circuit, parts, layout, building the chassis and the eyelet board.

Scratch building a guitar tube amplifier using one 12AX7 and one 12BH7 tube. This will will rough produce 1 watt of output. Don't kid yourself, that still enough power to annoy anyone our house! This amp should be perfect for practicing and possibly recording.

This will be somewhat of a budget build only mostly using off the shelf parts. (No boutique parts or components will be used)

Schematic, Layout and Parts list to follow one all the Episodes are completed.

Canon M50
iPhone 11
Rode Video Micro
Boya By-M1 Lavaliere Mic

Aputure Amaran AL-M9
Neewer 26" Soft Box
DIY Cake Pan Light:

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