Making a 6SN7 Tube Preamp // DIY Tube Stereo Preamp // New all Tube Shop Stereo System build!

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Scratch build a 6SN7 Tube Stereo Preamp. I spend a lot of time in my shop and I figure I may as well have a great sounding stereo system!

I will also be building a Tube 6L6 Power Amp and a new set of speakers as well. Please subscribe so you won't miss those builds!

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2 - 6SN7 Tubes
1 - 0D3 150v Regulator tube
Power Transformer 300-0-300VAC @ 40mA & 6.3v @ 1.5amps min

Gain ~12db
Output = ~10V RMS
Input Impedance = ~40k
Output Impedance = ~650ohm


Approximate cost to build = ~$150


0:00 Intro
1:14 The Preamp
2:49 Underneath
3:27 Schematic
6:26 Making the Chassis
7:29 Major Parts

Canon M50
iPhone 11
Boya By-M1 Lavaliere Mic
Amp mic'd: Rode VideoMicro

Aputure Amaran AL-M9
Neewer 26" Soft Box
DIY Cake Pan Light:

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