#Marantz AV Surround Receiver #SR5300 See the description for details

Marantz SR5300 Audio Video Surround Receiver

Marantz SR series are their flagship models. If you want their best quality amplifiers with a great quality music and videos then go for the SR series. The purpose of this video is to provide some general information about this 6.1 amplifier (6 Channel Stereo). Some basic details are mentioned below:
Tuning Range: FM, MW
Power Output: 90W Per Channel Into 8ohm (Stereo)
Surround Output: 90W (Front), 90W (Center), 90W (Rear)
Signal To Noise Ratio: 105dB (Line)
Speaker Load Impedance: 6ohm to 16ohm
Digital Inputs: Coaxial, Optical
Video Connections: composite, SVHS
Dimensions: 440 x 164 x 425mm
Weight: 12.9kg
Year: 2002
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