Marshall Plexi KILLER?? Affordable Handwired Boutique Amp!

00:00 Introduction & Overview
05:08 Clean Tones (PRS SC58 w/Laney BCC Secret Path Reverb)
06:31 Clean Tones ISOLATED
07:29 Broken Clean Tones (PRS SE277 Semi-Hollow)
08:45 Broken Clean Tones ISOLATED
09:33 Crunch Tones (Gibson Les Paul Classic)
11:19 Crunch Tones ISOLATED
12:26 Thick Crunch Tones (Fender Telecaster)
13:47 Thick Crunch Tones ISOLATED
14:40 Rock / Metal Tones With Maxon OD808 (ESP LTD-Elite Eclipse I)
16:23 Rock / Metal Tones With Maxon OD808 ISOLATED

Thanks for watching my review and demo of the Wangs 1987HW. This 50 watt handwired boutique amp from the Wangs custom shop is built with a lot of love and care and with high quality components. It's essentially an affordable Plexi clone.

For more information on this amp visit: https://wangs-amps-usa.myshopify.com/collections/amps/products/wangs-1987-hw

DISCOUNT CODE: “SDS” for 10% off HW series.

My review and demo of the Wangs 2204HW: https://youtu.be/zarvbYEwncQ

My review and demo of the Wangs HD-15: https://youtu.be/syWfqvTAXls

RedSeven Amp Central Reactive Load review: https://youtu.be/5RkA2xZ2ZKo

York Audio Impulse Responses: https://www.yorkaudio.co/

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