Mc Static-Dongkamgenma ft.Straight G, Amva Sangma &Rc Rabie(Official music video)Prod. Ngambu Sangma

First and foremost, we want to thank everyone involved in making this possible. We are forever grateful for the help and support. Glad everything worked and turned out as we planned. We wouldn't have done it without you all. Shout out to you all!

This project "Dongkamgenma?", was originally started a year ago but unfortunately due to some issues and the lockdown, we weren't able to complete it. So, we tried our level best putting our hearts and souls to successfully finish what we started.

So, basically in this song, the content is about asking the 'partner/lover' if 'he/she' will stay in their heart forever. Nothing complex just plain "Dong'kamgenma ang'ni ka'tongo?", which in Garo literally means "Will you stay in my heart forever?".

If by any means at all, one gets offended, we apologize in advance. We don't mean any disrespect.

On the whole, we hope you guys like it. We appreciate everyone's support and will be grateful if you keep supporting. And make sure you subscribe to my channel ,stay tuned for upcoming projects.

Song composed & lyrics : Rc Rabie Chekam , Straight G , Baldhora Manda ,Allewy T Sangma
Rap & lyrics : Mc Static & Straight G
Backing vocal- Rc Rabie
Production, Mix & Mastered : Ngambu Sangma
Music arrangements : Ngambu Sangma
Camera : Rituraj Rabha
Editor : Rituraj Rabha
Model : Natalie Namesha Marbaniang

Sponsored by : Kirit Pradyot Manikya Deb Barma Bahadur(Head of Tripura Royal Family) , Sanjay Sangma ,Daryl William Momin ,Gary Ch Momin ,Debzanie M Momin

Location : Heritage club Tripura castle Shillong, Sanjay Sangma’s residence , Gary & Debzanie’s residence

Special Thanks and gratitude to : Heritage Club Tripura Castle Shillong, Kirit Pradyot Manikya Deb Barma Bahadur , Sanjay Sangma, Daryl William Momin ,Natalie Marbaniang , Bevan Momin , Tiana Ch Marak , Jason Sangma , Vishal , West squad Fam , Achim Momin , Rodie Mikatchi Sangma , Evan W Momin , Jarimbirth Momin , Jerim Momin , Amsrang Sangma, Randall K. Marak

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