Mesa Boogie Badlander vs. Rectifier vs. Mark

Badlander in the mix 1:57
Triple Recto in the mix 3:50
Mark IIB+ in the mix 5:42
Badlander IR in the mix 7:34

Badlander guitar only 9:29
Triple Recto guitar only 11:22
Mark IIB+ guitar only 13:14
Badlander IR guitar only 15:06

Hey guys, I wanted to see how the Badlander stacks up in a simple mix compared to the best Recto & Mark amps so here's some clips with the three amps in a song from my band TIGHTEN. All through the same guitar, same cab etc.. No pedals or post- all amp! These were all tones that were crushing in the room. What do you think about the differences!?
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