Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Multi Watt | Inside & Out Review & Playing | Extreme close up | Recto

An inside and out in depth inside and out review of the Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Multi Watt guitar amplifier with playing.


0:00 Start
0:16 Intro and Preamble
2:48 About this Dual Rectifier Amp
5:05 Removing the Chassis
5:20 The Chassis Overview
5:30 Close up of Chassis
9:24 Inside the Guitar Amplifier
11:17 The Power Supply
13:12 Capacitors etc.
14:13 The Rectifier Board
14:48 The Back I/O Board
15:20 The Power Tube Board
15:47 The Preamp Board
19:45 Signed by the Builder
20:09 Channel Switch Update
22:08 Revisions Inside
23:22 Quality & Wired Controls
23:52 Chassis Quality
24:35 The I/O on the Amp
32:56 The Front Controls
37:52 Overview so far
39:19 Chassis Mount Screws
39:40 Supplied Accessories
41:37 The Floor Pedal
43:32 Manual Overview
45:41 Updated Effects Loop
47:12 Warranty
47:41 Summing Up
48:30 The Badlander - My Opinion
50:58 Overall Score & Conclusions
55:16 In the Studio - Being Played
56:17 Clean Channel
57:39 Clean & Chorus
58:24 Channel 2 Vintage Crunch
58:56 Channel 3 Cranked
1:00:08 Rock Metal Playing

What you will learn:
How good are Mesa Boogie amps?
Is the quality good?
Are the Multi Watt amps different?
Does it sound good?
What's the warranty?
Are the components good?
Can this amp play all styles?
Better than the Badlander?

The Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Multi Watt seems like an odd choice if you were buying an amp now. The new Badlander is on the way. But does the Dual Rec as shown here make sense? Find out in this inside and out review.

Throughout the review I cover just about everything and you won't have seen a review like this from other channels. You will see the quality and time that has gone in to this amp from Mesa Boogie. I also demo the tones of the amp and have a rock/metal track at the end to show some of the great guitar tones you can get from one of these. I also sum up the Mesa Boogie Badlander in a way that has not been mentioned by others. And will the buyout by Gibson affect the quality of these amps?

This amplifier was bought by me personally - an ordinary user of this amp and I was not given anything - it's a totally genuine review of what I bought and I show exactly what you get with this guitar amp head. As an ordinary user my experience with this amp might be just like yours!

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